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Daniel J McCabeDANIEL J. McCABE, Esq. is a general practicing attorney with more than thirty years of experience, focusing on business, matrimonial and real estate cases. He recently shifted from the litigated practice of law, opting to pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution as the preferred method for handling interpersonal conflict.

He is a founding member of Consensus Quest, an omni-matter mediation service company and the Collaborative Divorce Group of the Hudson Valley. He is the Dutchess County Coordinator for the Bar Grievance Committee's mandatory mediation program for Attorney-Client grievances.

Dan is president of McColla Enterprises, Ltd., a national franchiser of retail mini-convenience stores in regional shopping malls. He is a partner in McCabe Realty which operates an executive suites office complex, and he is an officer of Arbordale Development Corp., a real estate development company. He has also served as an adjunct lecturer in business law and real estate at local colleges. A graduate of Williams College and Georgetown Law School, Dan is a third generation attorney in Poughkeepsie. He is actively involved in the community, and is currently vice chairman of the Dutchess County Water & Wastewater Authority, and a member of the Poughkeepsie Historic District and Landmark Preservation Commission.

Dan is admitted to the bar in New York and North Carolina. He is married and the father of three children.